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 General rules

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Who is it?
Who is it?

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PostSubject: General rules   Fri Jan 01, 2010 2:59 am


Rule 1:You are not allowed to address yourslef with hate and insults themembers of the Forum and the artist MJ.

Rule 2: Advertisements must be negotiated with one of the moderators, admin.

Rule 3: You are allowed to use small pictures as a signature .

Rule 4: Do not post messages or monosyllabic words (ex: Really?, Let not that, I, OK, in May alone, etc.) and any messages that contain only a smile, without text. No one will understand what you mean. Try to be suucint in your posts. Also please do not make a topic if it already exists with the same name. They will be removed.

Rule 5: All users are asked to complete their profile with your real name, age, sex and location.

Rule 6: Please check the existing topics before you create one. To check the existence of threads use the "Search"function ( "Search").

Rule 7: Larger pictures that you think will deform template,post them on the forum under the format "Thumbnail". You can find this form on the website or If you have several pictures from a concert / event, try to post a minimum of 2 pictures/post.

Rule 8: Do not use emoticons codes on Yahoo! Messenger. The Forum provides a total of over 50 icons.

Rule 9: View posts on the forum should have the letter (font) normal forum, black, no bold or other text formatting and colors. But you can enhance your message with some words of formatting such as bold, colors, larger font, etc..
No longer satisfied to post messages in the picture. You can do only if we ask a question like: "From what event is it?" or to give your opinion how are dressed.

Rule 10: Please do not post messages that interrupt the peace, harmony and good disposal forms.
The talks should have logic, be smooth, friendly and careful to mind are not welcome. Messages, signatures and profile should not contain words placed particular became angry members.

Rule 11:You are not allowed to publish on the forum any material under the laws of copyright. Please do not attach pictures or other material without the authors consent. If you publish an article, please indicate the source.

If you break any of these rules,youwill receive a "warning". If yougain 3 warnings you will receive "ban" for a week. If the user banned will make a new account, we will detect this with the IP. 3 bans /user and you receive "ban IP".

Administrators and moderators can modify messages anytime and anywhere, without prior explanation. Administrators and moderators are required to keep the forum doctor and interest of everyone.

Moderators, forum managers or owners are not responsible for the content of messages from members, who retain full legal liability for what they sign. We promise to read most messages, even if because of the hours that are written, can escape involuntarily or temporarily.

The fact that you have registered on Forum Michael Jackson means that you have read and you agree to the rules.


Thanks for understanding,
Remember the time admin
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General rules
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